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House Atreides Values

Integrity – Be truthful with others and do not manipulate or misleading.

Loyalty - Be faithful and devoted to the guild, the officers, and your fellow raiders.

Morality – Be able to distinguish right from wrong and choose to do what is right, even when no one is looking.

Modesty – Be unassuming or moderate in estimating your own abilities. Be humble and let others be the judge of your quality.

Tolerant - Be willing to accept the existence of other opinions or behaviors that you yourself may not necessarily agree with.

Perseverance – Be steadfast, do what is expected despite difficulty or delay.

Dependable - Be where you say you will be. Do what you say you will do.

Excellence – Excel in quality, be outstanding, be good at what you do and constantly practice and improve.


These rules are an extension to the Hijinx Values so there is no dispute over what an individuals interpretation of the values means.

1. Be on time, always. Show up raids at 7:00 PST. Be outside the raid instance or within a 1 minute travels distance. We will be pulling AT raid time you dickheads.

2. Be respectful, don't be saying shit that could piss someone off. If it could be derogatory don't say it. If it is Sexist, Racist, or otherwise discriminatory towards any group of people, its off limits. JK that shit is fucking stupid as long as you don hate more people then Laz / Kenero you good.

3. Lie, steal, but most importantly poach the shit out of other guilds we would love to replace most people in this guild with better people including core. Unfortunately we have shithead class leaders like Brokenmirror.

4. Do not approach the GM first, this is a bureaucracy oriented guild. Chain of command you homos. Don't actually message anyone about anything pretty much no one actually cares.

5. Be prepared, Know your class in and out. Have your off spec geared enough to play it if asked. Use gems and shit.

6. Spec Properly, ask healcapped how to play your character, he deff has a spreadsheet for your abuse.

7. Be active go outside, pick up some girls do whatever but do not miss raid your life is actually pointless if you miss raid

9. Elitest only, bros preferred, teenagers wanted.

10. No Politics, Religion, or Heated Opinions, Don't talk about political things, emotional events, personal opinions about events in the news, beliefs, etc, etc. Unless youre making fun of someones dead mother who is most likely in hell for birthing such an atrocity.

11. DPS Meters are for chumps, so be a fucking chump, and go for the legendary text.

12. Be good.

Shot at some kid at the park in Canada, he ran scared, tracked him down, found out he plays WoW, I now play WoW with him and currently have convinced everyone in his guild and mine that he has schizophrenia.

Sent a couch to his house the other day filled with laxatives and cat dander, he confessed that he shit his pants and his chair. Also nearly died due to allergies.
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